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What is the cost to delegates?

Delegates are provided with, and do not need to pay for, accommodations, food, and travel expenses in China.

Delegates are responsible for:

  • International airfare (depending on hub, approximately $800–$1,000)
  • U.S. domestic travel costs to a designated international hub airport. (depending on hub, approximately $300–$400)
  • International travel insurance. (Prices vary)
  • China entry visa fees ($140 application fee plus $63 processing fee) and U.S. passport application fees, if a new/renewal passport is needed

Which places will be visited?

The delegation spends a few days in Beijing, and then divides into groups to visit one or two regional cities. Final program itineraries are sent to delegates prior to departure. Each day, the schedule begins in the early morning and continues through the evening. The schedule is very demanding and all delegates are expected to attend all activities and events. Therefore, delegates should verify that they are in good general health.

What kind of accommodation is provided?

Single-room accommodations in hotels will be provided. Delegates receive the names and addresses of their hotels prior to departure.

Can spouses or guests participate?

Due to limited space capacity, spouses and other guests are not eligible to join the delegation and would not be able to attend delegation events and activities.

Can I depart from the delegation or choose not to attend events during the trip?

Due to the size of the delegation and for safety reasons, delegates are not permitted to leave the group. Delegates are expected to attend ALL scheduled events and to stay with their assigned group at all times.

Can I arrive early/late to the delegation? Can I stay in China after the delegation?

Delegates must travel to China with the delegation on their designated flights. It is not possible to request an earlier or later departure from the U.S. to China.

However, delegates may request a later date for their return trip from Beijing to the U.S., but it will be subject to availability and any extra costs and travel arrangements involved will be the responsibility of the delegate.

Where can I find travel and safety information?

Important travel and safety information is available on the U.S. Department of State website.

How do I know if my participation is permissible under applicable laws?

Please consult your employer’s legal and/or ethics office for rules that apply to your ability to participate and/or accept international round-trip airfare, accommodations, food, and travel expenses.